Wholesale Leopard Geckos

I will occasionally have some leopard geckos available for wholesale bundles. These wholesale leopard geckos are available in quantities of 10 or more.  There will be no individual pictures or specific genetics for wholesale leopard geckos. Leopard geckos already posted on my website are not available to be included at wholesale bundles. 

Wholesale leopard gecko quantities are limited to whatever surplus leopard geckos I have at that given time, and I decide what specific leopard geckos will be couriered/shipped in each wholesale bundle. If you are looking for leopard geckos with exact genetics they can be found on my available leopard geckos page. 


Wholesale leopard geckos will generally be basic morphs, bolds and low/mid end tangerines. Some may have missing toes, slight over/underbite, kinked or regenerate tails

Wholesale leopard geckos must be kept individually and cared for properly as that is how they are raised here. I will not sell to anyone wanting to keep multiple geckos in each enclosure. All wholesale customers are subject to vetting to ensure this will not happen.

See below for bundle options and prices. Courier/shipping fees are not included in the wholesale bundle prices and will vary based on your location and size of order. 

Wholesale Leopard Geckos Bundle Prices

10 to 39 leopard geckos – £15 each


40 to 99 leopard geckos – £12.50 each


100+ leopards geckos – £10 each


For more information and to place and enquiry, message me by clicking on the orange envelope in the contact us section at the bottom of this page