Copper Project

The vision for the Copper project was to try to create my own line of tangerine tremper albinos. It all started in 2013 when I acquired Copper, a deep tangerine tremper male, from a keeper in the north of England. I bred him to the best SHTCT female I had at the time. I held back the best female tangerine hypo het tremper in 2013, and she was paired back to Copper in 2014.

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Copper – The Daddy of the project

In 2014 I test bred Copper for all the other heterozygous traits, with no visual results, which proved him to be just a tangerine tremper with no hets. The results of the 2014 pairing to the tangerine hypo het Tremper were even better, with a really deep tangerine tremper female, the first pure copper tremper female, being held back for 2015.

I added a W&Y solar raptor female to the project for 2015 along with the pure copper tremper female hatchling from 2014 and the results again surpassed all my expectations. Another gene that I introduced to the project that year was gem snow, which brought a whole new dimension to the project, and has lead to the Colossal project, another project in its own right.

From 2016, the Copper project divided into several different directions.

The Pure Copper Tremper project from that point was mainly focused on producing the deepest tangerine het free trempers. There are a couple of different lines within this project too. One is solely focused on creating a solid tangerine tremper. The second line is is focused on producing geckos with move lavender and contrast. The third line is concentrating more on developing the patterns and polygenics, so all three lines should diverse into completely different looks and outcomes.

Other sidelines of the original Copper project from this point include

Gem Snow Copper trempers and raptors

W&Y Copper Trempers and raptors

True Copper Raptors

Pied Copper raptors

Pure Coppers x Black Nights

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W&Y Copper Tremper
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True Copper Raptor
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From the Pied Copper Raptor line
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Pure Copper Tremper x Black Night Cross

In 2020 I crossed a number of other lines with the copper trempers including blood tremper, afghan tremper mack snow, the Picasso line and the G Project lines with some very interesting, colourful and diverse results.

I’m also a couple of seasons into trying to remove the tremper to leave just the copper tangerine, but that’s a few years away yet.

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Copper het Tremper

The Copper project will always be an ongoing project for me with limitless possibilities. I have a few more exciting crosses to make in 2021 so keep an eye out for those.

Leopard Gecko Copper project
W&Y Gem snow Copper Tremper