Sunfire Radar Project

My initial idea for the Sunfire Radar project was to create a solid tangerine radar from nose to tail tip, and that was the main goal that the project worked towards for the first couple of years. Once again, my love for polygenics and line breeding saw me start the project from scratch. I purchased the original male from Mateusz at Ultimate Gecko back in 2013. He was from Mateusz’s Pulsar line, which I believe is no longer produced these days.

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McClane – the Daddy of the Sunfire Radar

I’d also purchased my first radar females that year as well and decided to pair McClane to the two best radar females I had acquired (one tangerine, one W&Y), along with one of the gem snow eclipse females I had to add a different dimension and a little side project for fun. The results were a step in the right direction with some lovely females held back for the following season.

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One of the original Radar females

2015 saw some astounding progress in the project with two beautiful but equally different female hatchlings. This is where the Sunfire project began to diversify. One female had great colour and a considerable carrot tail. The other had a pied look to her with a large white void on her face.

These two females, along with McClane, would be the basis on how I wanted the animals to look going forward. Effectively, two separate lines now. One still working towards the solid orange Radar, and the second more focused on developing the amount of pied markings against the tangerine.

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2015 Tangerine Sunfire Radar
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2015 Pied Sunfire Radar

These were exciting times for me. 2015 saw me adding boldstripe and red stripe into the sunfire project which, along with the already present gem snows and W&Y, meant that the project had become multidimensional, with many different looks now appearing in the animals.

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W&Y bold stripe bell (Sunfire cross)
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Boldstripe bell (Sunfire cross)
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W&Y Gem snow Sunfire Radar

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W&Y Gem snow Sunfire Radar

Moving into the next season, 2017 was full of promise. I continued to hatch some more incredible looking Sunfire’s, but it was one of the final hatchlings of the season that blew my mind. A beautiful paradox pied Sunfire Radar, that I am yet to replicate. She remains to this day, in my mind at least, probably the best looking and most unique gecko I have ever hatched.

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Simply stunning – pied paradox Sunfire Radar female

The Sunfire project continues to grow and progress year on year, with new depths of colour and pattern being the main focus.

I’ve no doubt that 2021 will continue in that vein, with some exciting new crosses to add to the old favourites, the Sunfire line has something for everyone.

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2020 Sunfire Radar female
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2019 Sunfire Bell het eclipse male (Red)

Another exciting development is the reemergence of the red stripe in some of the hatchlings. This trait seemed to have disappeared from the line a few years ago, but now it is definitely making a comeback.

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My original 2014 red stripe bell female from Lee at GC Geckos

The third of my longstanding projects, I’ve no doubt that the Sunfire project will continue to grow for many years to come.