Amber Sunglow Project

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Amber – the original female that inspired the project

This is one of my favourite projects, with the ultimate goal of producing an almost red, deep tangerine gecko with a full carrot tail. That was a long way off back in 2013 when I decided to start the line completely from scratch. It all began with Amber, a lovely Super hypo tangerine carrot tail het Tremper female that I acquired from Ohio Geckos. She was originally paired in 2013 to Copper, my tangerine Tremper male, then subsequently in 2014 to the best of her male hypo offspring the from the first season.

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2014 Super Hypo Male
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2014 Super Hypo Female

For the third season of the project I picked out the best Super hypo het tremper male and female from the 2014 hatchlings to form a trio with Amber in the hopes of producing the first sunglows in 2015, and achieving the first goal of the project.

The first Amber Sunglows hatched in 2015, of good colour and with a reasonable amount of carrot tail. now that I had achieved the sunglow goal, the project moved focus towards making a deep tangerine sunglow with 100% carrot tail.

Amber Sunglow Male Leopard Gecko
2017 Amber Sunglow Male

In 2017 I hatched the male above, who is still with me today. This male really moved the project forward and, when paired the following season with some of the females also from 2017, has produced the best amber sun glows to date, with increased depth of colour and carrot tail percentage.

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2020 Amber Sunglow Male

You can see how far the project has come from the male above. He is one of my breeders for 2021 and among the first 100% carrot tail offspring I have produced. I’m hoping to hatch more like him this coming season….. and if its not being too greedy, with even more colour intensity too.